January products

To start the new year, Mamie has made you several products to keep you warm! 
galette des rois


Mamie is always thrilled to present you her king’s cake. Composed of two discs of puff pastry, containing in the center a delicious flavored almond cream. This year, Mamie offers you four different flavors for these traditional cakes. Flavors are frangipane, pistachio or apple; and the big novelty is the maple! Each cake contains a porcelain bean. Now it’s just a matter of electing the king or queen of the day! 


To vary from the traditional cake, Mamie offers you the King’s Crown. It consists of a soft brioche with homemade candied fruit or chocolate chips topped off with grains of sugar. A guaranteed success for the little ones and grownups! The crown also contains a porcelain bean to elect a king or queen. Just one difference….. The king must return the crown the following year!  

roulé chocolat


Who says new year, inevitably says new scone flavors! Mamie decided to prepare 2 scones both with a comforting taste. The first, with cranberries and oranges, and the second, ginger and lemon. Winter fragrances that will warm you up!


Mamie’s Chocolate roll is a little wonder to relish and savor. It consists of chocolate and custard wrapped in puff pastry. Ideal for breakfast or a snack for the cold winter days!

Leeks and Cheddar Ficelle

Mamie’s leeks and cheddar ficelle is the winter ficelle you don’t want to miss! The comforting side of cheddar associated with the pronounced taste of leeks. Mamie found the perfect combo to help you stay warm this winter. To taste without further delay!